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Walter Jackson was born on March 19, 1938 in Pensacola, Florida. His parents moved to Detroit while he was still a baby.Walter contracted Polio very young, which meant the use of crutches. His schooling was at Northwestern High in Detroit but all he wanted to do was sing. He joined the Velvetones as lead singer..others members being Ronald Head, Neil Magby, Bobby Jones and a lady called Marion... The group recorded one record in 1959 without much success. After the group broke up Walter did cabaret work in local clubs. It was in one of thses that he came across Carl Davis who asked Walter to join him in Chicago to record. The first release in 1962 'I Don't Want To Suffer' only made a little noise, but got Walter noticed. Over the next few years nothing much happened, but the appearance of Curtis Mayfiled changed that. 'That's What Mama Said' (answer song to Jan Bradley's 'Mama Didn't Lie') was their first try but both sides died. The next faired better 'It's All Over' which, although not hitting the heights Stateswise, was a hit in Chicago and Detroit. More hits followed, this time at Okeh, they released 4 albums... which was not the usual in the early 60's. Walter had always admitted he was a pop/MOR singer.. so finding the balance with Davis was never easy.

David left in 1965 and Ted Cooper took over Walter's productions. The first release was a classic, 'Uphill Climb To The Bottom' in May 1966. More Cooper-produced songs followed. Walter even recorded a hit from Jimmy Radcliffe 'My Ship is Coming In' in 1967.. Things took a downhill slope after this.. with the record company fading and Walter moving to Epic, but without any success. A minor hit ended the 60's..'Any Way That you Want Me' on Cotillion.

In 1973 Walter rejoined Carl Davis with Brunswick Records, but after 2 lacklustre attempts he decided to take a break from the business. He returned in 1976 again pairing up with Davis who had started his own company Chi-Sound Records. Again, untypically, an album was released.'Feeling Good' which was more the style Walter always craved to record, comprised of pop/soul covers. Other albums followed, and altho the theme of doing standards etc continued, there were some gems to be found. By the early 80's the Chi-Sound company was fading but Davis persuaded Columbia to release one more album.. 'Tell Me Where It Hurts' in 1981.

Walter Jackson died from a stroke on June 19, 1983. Three days earlier Chi_Sound released 'It's Cool' and after his passing a memorialalbum was released.

Walter has been overlooked by many soul fans, but the Soul Brother is a big fan. Delve into the albums to be taken over by the Walter magic!

Speak Her Name album cover Uphill Climb To The Bottom 45 scan
Who Took My Girl / Stars Of Wonder Velvetones DEB 1959
I Don't Want To Suffer / This World Of Mine Columbia 1962
Then Only Then / Starting Tomorrow Columbia 1963
It Will Be The Last Time / Opportunity Columbia 1963
That's What Mama Said / What Would You Do Okeh 7189 1964
It's All Over / Lee Cross Okeh 7204 1964
Suddenly I'm All Alone / Special Love Okeh 7215 1965
Welcome Home/Blowing In The Wind Okeh 7219 1965
Where Have All The Flowers Gone/I'll Keep Trying Okeh 7229 1965
Funny(Not Much/One Heart Lonely Okeh 7236 1966
It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom/Tear For Tear Okeh 7247 1966
After You There Can Be Nothing/My Funny Valentine Okeh 7256 1966
A Corner In The Sun/Not You Okeh 7260 1966
Speak Her Name/They Don't Give Medals Okeh 7272 1967
Deep In The Heart Of Harlem/My One Chance To Make It Okeh 7285 1967
My Ship Is Coming In/A Cold Cold Winter Okeh 7295 1967
Everything Under The Sun/Road To Ruin Okeh 7305 1968
The Bed/The Look Of Love Epic 10377 1968
No Butterflies/Ad Lib EPic 10408 1968
Anyway That You Want Me/Life It's Ups And Downs Cotillion 44053 1969
Bless You/Coldest Days Of My Life Cotillion 44077 1970
The Walls That Separate/A Fool For You USA 104 1971
No Easy Way Down/I'm All Cried Out Wand 11247 1972
I Never Had It So Good/Easy Evil Brunswick 55498 1973
It Doesn't take Much/Let Me Come Back Brunswick 55502 1973
Feelings/Waords(Are Impossible) Chi-Sound/UA 908 1976
Baby I Love Your Way/What Would You Do Chi-Sound/UA 964 1977
It's All Over/Gonna Find Me An Angel Chi-Sound/UA 91044 1977
If I Had My Way/We Could Fly Chi-Sound/UA 1140 1978
I Won't Remember Ever Loving You/Manhattan Skyline Chi-Sound/UA 1216 1978
Magic Man/Golden Ray 20th Century Fox 2426 1979
Tell Me Where It Hurts/When I See You Columbia 02037 1981
Come To Me/What If I Walked Out On You Columbia 02294 1981
Touching In The Dark/If I Had A Chance Kelli-Arts 1006 1982
It's Cool/When The Loving(Goes Out Of The Loving) Chi-Sound 110 1983
  IT'S ALL OVER Okeh 12107 1964

1.  It's All Over
A Blossom Fell
That's What Mama Say
4.  It Will Be The Last Time
6.  I Don't Want To Suffer
7.  There Goes That Song AgaiN
8.  What Would You Do
9.  Lee Cross
10.Then Only Then
11.This World Of Mine
12.Funny (Not Much) 
WELCOME HOME    Okeh  12108  1965

1.   My Funny Valentine
2.   Moonlight in Vermont
3.   Let It Be Me
4.   Suddenly I'm All Alone
5.   Imagination
6.   Welcome Home
7.   Moon River
8.   Blowin' in the Wind
9.   Magic's Gone
10. Fly Me to the Moon
11. Still at the Mercy of Your Love
12. Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
  SPEAK HER NAME    Okeh 12120  1967

1.  They Don't Give Medals
2.  Speak Her Name
3.  Tear For Tear
4.  She's A Woman
5.  Not You
6.  My One Chance To Make It
7.  It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom
8.  I'll Keep On Trying
9.  Corner In The Sun
10.After You There Can Be Nothing 

1.  Speak Her Name
2.  Lee Cross
3.  Welcome Home
4.  After You There Can Be Nothing
5.  A Corner In The Sun
6.  Funny It's All Over
7.  Tear For Tear
8.  It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom
9.  My Ship Is Comin' In
10.Suddenly I'm All Alone 
FEELING GOOD  Chi-Sound 656   1976

1.   Too Shy to Say
2.   Player in the Band
3.   Welcome Home
4.   Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me of a Friend)
5.   Love Is Lovelier
6.   Love Woke Me up This Morning
7.   Feelings
8.   Words (Are Impossible)
9.   I've Got It Bad Feeling Good
10. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
I WANT TO COME BACK AS A SONG  Chi-Sound 733   1977

1.   Baby, I Love Your Way
2.   If You Walked Away
3.   What Would You Do
4.   Everything Must Change
5.   I Want to Come Back as a Song
6.   (Gotta Find Me An) Angel
7.   Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
8.   It's All Over
9.   Stay Awhile With Me
10. I've Never Been to Me
GOOD TO SEE YOU     Chi-Sound  844   1978

1.   I Won't Remember Ever Loving You
2.   If I Had My Way
3.   We Could Fly
4.   Manhattan Skyline
5.   If I Could See Myself
6.   Good to See You
7.   Open up Your Heart
8.   Forgetting Someone
9.   Time
SEND IN THE CLOWNS Chi-Sound/20th Century Fox 586 1978

1.   And If I Had
2.   Magic Man
3.   Girl, You're a Woman
4.   Give It Up
5.   Send in the Clowns
6.   I Want to Be Your Every Need
7.   Sounds Like a Love Song
8.   Meeting
9.   Golden Rays
TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS    Columbia  1981

1.  Tell Me Where It Hurts
2.  When I See You
3.  Never Sing The Song
4.  At Last
5.  Living Without You
6.  Come To Me
7.  What If I Walked Out On You
8.  If It's Magic 
  A PORTRAIT OF WALTER JACKSON Chi-Sound  2009    1983
Touching album cover TOUCHING THE SOUL  Westside     1999

1.   Touching In The Dark
2.   Magic Man
3.   It's Cool
4.   Love Woke Me Up This Morning
5.   Let Me Come Back
6.   The Meeting
7.   It's All Over (1977 Version)
8.   Tell Me Where It Hurts
9.   And If I Had
10. (Gotta Find Me An) Angel
11. Love Is Lovelier
12. It Doesn't Take Much
13. Welcome Home (1976 Version)
14. If I Had A Chance
15. What Would You Do
16. Stay A While With Me
17. Come To Me
18. Open Up Your Heart
19. Living Without You
20. I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)