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1 I'm Happy Baby (Callier/Coney/Pittman) - 4:21
2 We Got Businees (Bettis/Graydon/Page) - 4:41
3 Heal Me (Claytoven/Kennedy) - 5:50
4 So Hard to Let You Go (Pittman) - 4:37
5 I Wanna Love You Forever (Brown/Callier/Pittman) - 4:45
6 My Lady Is My Best Friend (Jackson/Williams) - 3:50
7 We Dance to Love Songs (Getschall/Waldman) - 4:08
8 Can I Depend on You (Aladdin [1]/Sims) - 4:28
9 Memories of Allison [*] (Bryant/Chetkovich) - 3:50
10. Time Can Do Magic [*] (Bythell) - 3:30
GRAND SLAM 1982 STEREO ATLANTIC NO.80020-1 (John Edwards)

1. City Full Of Memories
2. Magic In The Moonlight
3. If I Knew
4. I'm Calling You now
5. So Far Away
6. Just Let Love In
7. Funny How Time Slips Away
8. Lover Boy
9. No Other Love
LABOR OF LOVE 1981 ATLANTIC SD 16032 (John Edwards)

1. Long Live Soul Music
2. Standing On The Rock
3. Medley..Yesterday Once More/Nothing Remains The Same
4. Almost All The Way
5. The Winter Of Our Love
6. Be My Love
7. Give Your Lady What She Wants
8. A Man Just Don't Know What A Woman Goes Through
9. The Deacon
LOVE TRIPPIN' 1980 ATLANTIC SD 19270 (John Edwards)

1 Love Trippin' (Zager)
2 Heavy on the Sunshine
3 Cupid/I've Loved You for a Long Time (Cooke/Zager)
4 I Just Want to Be With You (Fields/Zager)
5 Streetwise (Davis)
6 Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me,...
7 I Just Want to Fall in Love
8 Now That You're Mine Again (Zager)
9 Split Decision (James)
10. I'm Takin' You Back
11. Pipedream
 DANCIN' & LOVIN' 1979 RHINO (John Edwards)

1. Disco Ride (Skinner/Weatherby/Zager)
2. Body Language (Fox [1]/Fuchs/Scott)
3. Let's Boogie, Let's Dance (Fox [1]/Frank/James)
4. Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me... (Linzer/Randell/Zager)
5. With My Eyes (Christopher/James)
6. One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Woogie Avenue... (Hatcher/Ross)
FROM HERE TO ETERNALLY 1979 (John Edwards)

1. It's a Natural Affair (Bell/James)
2. Don't Let the Man Get You (Bell/James)
3. Plain and Simple Love Song (Barrett/Bell/James)
4. I Love the Music (Balden/Robinson)
5. If You Wanna Do a Dance (All Night) (Bell/Bell/Bell/James)
6. Once You Fall in Love (Jefferson/Simmons)
SPINNERS/8 1977 Atlantic SD 19146 (John Edwards)

1. I'm Gonna Getcha
2. I'm Tired Of Giving
3. Painted Magic
4. You Got the Love That I Need
5. Heaven On Earth (So Fine)
6. Back In the Arms Of Love
7. (Love Is) One Step Away
8. Easy Come, Easy Go
9. Baby I Need Your Love

1 Me and My Music
2 I Found Love (When I Found You)
3 I'm Riding Your Shadow (Down to Love)
4 You're the Love of My Life
5I Must Be Living for a Broken Heart
6 Honey, I'm in Love With You
7 Just to Be With You
8 You're Throwing a Good Love Away

1 Now That We're Together (Conway/Life/Terry)
2 You're All I Need in Life (Bell/Creed)
3 If You Can't Be in Love (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
4 Rubberband Man (Bell/Creed)
5 Toni My Love (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
6 Four Hands in the Fire (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
7 Clown (Burgon)
8 Wake up Susan (Bell/Marshall)
PICK OF THE LITTER 1975 (Phillipe Wynne)

1 Honest I Do (Bell/Marshall/Pugh)
2 I Don't Want to Lose You (Bell/Creed)
3 Love or Leave (Howes/Jefferson/Simmons)
4 Sweet Love of Mine (Barrett/Eli)
5 All That Glitters Ain't Gold (Conway/Life/Terry)
6 You Made a Promise to Me (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
7 Games People Play (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
8 Just as Long as We Have Love (Barrett/Hawes)
NEW AND IMPROVED 1974 (Phillipe Wynne)

1 Sitting on Top of the World (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
2 Smile, We Have Each Other (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
3 Then Came You (Marshall/Pugh)
4 There's No One Like You (Hawes/Simmons)
5 Living a Little, Laughing a Little (Bell/Creed)
6 Sadie (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
7 Lazy Susan (Bell/Creed)
MIGHTY LOVE 1974 (Phillipe Wynne)

1 Since I Been Gone (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
2 Ain't No Price on Happiness (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
3 I'm Glad You Walked into My Life (Barrett/H/J/S)
4 I'm Coming Home (Bell/Creed)
5 He'll Never Love You Like I Do (Bailey/Sigler/Sigler)
6 Love Has Gone Away (Jefferson/Simmons)
7 Love Don't Love Nobody (Jefferson/Simmons)
8 Mighty Love (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)
9 (Oh Lord) I Wish I Could Sleep [#/*] (Roach)
10. I Just Gotta Make It Happen [*] (Roach/Wynne)
SPINNERS 1972 (Phillipe Wynne)

1 Just Can't Get You Out of My Mind (Barrett)
2 Just You and Me Baby (Davis)
3 Don't Let the Green Grass FoolYou (Akins/Bellmann)
4 I Could Never (Repay Your Love) (Howes)
5 I'll Be Around (Bell/Hurtt)
6 One of a Kind (Love Affair) (Jefferson)
7 We Belong Together (Davis)
8 Ghetto Child (Bell/Creed)
9 How Could I Let You Get Away (Davis)
10. Could It Be I'm Falling in Love (Steals/Steals)
The Motown Spinners began making some soul noise in 1970, when Stevie Wonder produced a pair of hit singles for them. "It's A Shame" was their first Top 10 R&B song since 1965, and was the swan song for G.C. Cameron as lead vocalist. Phillipe Wynne stepped in and shortly after made everyone forget (who remembered) that Cameron was ever in the band. The follow-up tune, "We'll Have It Made," wasn't bad either.

1 It's a Shame
2 I've Got to Find Myself a Brand New Baby
3 Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music
4 Bad, Bad Weahter (Till You Come Home)
5 Pay Them No Mind
6 My Lady Love
7 Souly Ghost
8 O-O-H Child
9 In My Diary
10. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left)
11. (She's Gonna Love Me) at Soundown
12. Can Sing a Rainbow/Love Is Blue