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Seporah (seporah)
my Dutch apprentice - loves soul music, especially ballads which are long & slow... Calls me names in Dutch - pffffft, tsssss and then BARRY!!!! My answer is 'blondie!!

Map 2 Netherlands
Mona (mmshags)
Southern Belle - 'drawls' a lot Y'all! - loves  US Shag Dancing - but has finally come home to the real thing - soul music! Was caught asleep recently - a rarity!

Map 1 SC (South Carolina)
Lynda Robson (BarrenJoey22222)
Born within the sound of Bow Bells - a cockney girl who emigrated to Sydney. Charming and persistant - and frisky.

Map 4 Sydney
Yoni (soulover)
Living in Israel can't be easy and Yoni is kept sane by his massive love of our music!

Map 5 Israel
Ray (TheSneeker)
Taxi driver - who spreads the word by playing my shows in his cab. Gets good tips - of which I've seen nothing! Champagne when we meet Ray!

Map3 Northwest
Jim (Soulman5)
Picture tells it all, is woodchopper by trade, fells all those oaks when he's not collecting soul music. Nice legs Jim!

Map 1 FL(Florida)
Fred (soulisallineed)
Known as bashful but is always telling jokes.I'm told he's a gentleman - is there such a thing?

Map 2 Netherlands
George (gstsakonas)
Has been with me since Aimster and on this planet a few years more! Loves my shows - so he has good taste. Ask him if you have a PC problem - it won't get you anywhere - but you at least asked!

Map 1 New York
Max (Oosth)
Deep Soul lover - who lives in Holland

Map 2 Netherlands
Glenn (Glennsoul)
Also lives in Holland - bombards me with 'wants' which I try to find, but not always successful.
Map 2 Netherlands
Wendy (WendyDarling)
Had a name change -  just wanted to be called Darling! Likes soul and the gourmet life ..and recently Graham!!
Map 3 Northwest
Graham (MP3Z2CD)
Memory loss - hence the name on his tea shirt. Always ready to help.Yoda! Has a webpage HERE
Has found 'love' in the group.. Wendy - all say 'AAAHHHHH!

Map3 Northwest
Geoff (Soulman20)
A 'Northern Soul' lover who has been converted to the 'real stuff' and now enjoys both. Trivia: He likes Chips with an Indian Curry - explains the smile on his face!

Map 3 East Midlands
Christian (karateabe)
Lives in Denmark - and made a trip to a Northern Weekender. His real love tho are the Soul Deepies. Stole my tie for this picture!

Map 2 Denmark
Robbie (souled on motown )
Has a massive collection - has been through hell - and admits it - give him a chance - he is a really nice guy. That's 'Blade' on the right - eats white shoes!
Map 3 Northwest
Alberto (OroNegro64)
Alberto is our 'Soul Amigo' in Spain. The photo is his son Yago, looking bored as Alberto plays his soul music. He'll learn!
Map 2 Spain
Carol (Mahogany Woman)
From the heart of Southern Soul - Georgia. A lover of 'real' soul and a fan of the show!! That alone gets you membership here!!

Map 1 GA (Georgia)
Roy (roy-millie)
Reggae man..used to sing with Millie (The Lollypop Lady).. now loving soul music... at times he lives in Springfield, but we are working on that!

Dre (MellowSoul)
He says 'Music is The lifeblood of Soul'. Right! Favourite artist is Smokey Robinson.

Map 1 MN
Kathy Gralnik (Katlady)
Voted Miss Coffee 2000 (by me). Never sleeps, PC explodes once a week and I get a message: Barr?... You there?... grrrr... Big Whispers fan.

Map 1 CA (California)
Mark (chauff)
That's Mark on the right (or so he says!). Lives in Macclesfield - must be OK cos I lived there as well once.
Map 3 Northwest
Juha Vaahtere (Maple)
Our Scandivavian member (Finland) -a reggae fan but a Soulman at heart. Has plenty of 70' & 80's soul - is too young to remember the 60's - but willing to learn about the era.

Map 2 Finland
Jim Buck (Jimiboyblue)
Professional musician - much too young! - but accepted in to the Soul Clan cos he just loves the music.

Map 1 AZ
John (Rushden888)
Rush from Aussie Land - U gotta learn his Lingo - he like horses, horses and sum soul! U know what I meen

Map 4 Adelaide
Larry (Calley2)
Big guy, big heart. Always helpful, loves the early 'under the bedclothes' soul. A big sweetie.. we luv him!

Map 3 Northwest
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