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Songwriter: Songs Recorded by Other Artists   A CONCERT REVUE FROM 1988

This record featured "L. R.", better known as Phillip Mitchell. At the age of 14 he won a local talent contest in Louisville and recorded this record on the local Halt record label with his group, "The Checkmates". These recordings were made at Louisville's Allen-Martin Studios (Allen-Martin was also the home of the "Tilt" label on which many, now, highly collectable releases can be found). The record also featured the local "garage group", The Epics. "The Epics" had at least three records of their own released on the local Joni label in the early 60's. One, July 1963's "We Belong Together" was a #1 hit in Louisville.Interesting that, at the time of this 1963 Halt release, "Little Pete & The Youngsters (featuring Bobby Downs, later of "New Birth")of Local Lesley Records fame were friends/rivals with The Checkmates.This record is an outstanding Doo Wop 2-sider. The "a" side is a take on the Gene Chandler hit "Duke of Earl". Prince Phillip Mitchell's singing can be found to be top notch, right from the start.

Keep On Talkin' / Love Is A Wonderful Thing  Smash 2152 1968
Free For All / Flower Child Smash 244 1969
The Count / Closed Chapter  Halt 138 1963
I'm Gonna Build California / The World Needs More People Like You  Shout 246 1969
Little Things / That's What A Man Is For  Hi 2221 1972
Oh How I Love You / The Same Folks That Put You There   HI 2240 1973
Ain't No Love In My Life / Turning Over The Ground Hi 2258 1974
There's Another In My Life / If We Get Caught I Don't Know You   Event 223 1975
Album 'Make It Good'
1. Star In The Ghetto
2. You're All I Got In The World
3. One On One
4. Falling From Heaven
5. You'll Throw Bricks At Him
6. Make It Good
7. If I Can't Be Your Man
8. Only Smoke Remains
Produced by Phillip Mitchell
Recorded in California
Atlantic 19160
One On One / Only Smoke Remains Atlantic 3480 1978
You're All I've Got In The World / Falling From Heaven Atlantic 3506 1978
Album 'Top Of The Line'
1. Top Of the Line
2. Use Your Body
3. Highlight Of My Life
4. In Between Lovers
5. I'm So Happy
6. If It Ain't Love, It'll Go Away
7. Paying The Price
8. Let's Get Wet
Recorded Muscle Shoals, Los Angeles & Philadelphia
Atlantic 19231
Let's Get Wet / Paying The Price Atlantic 3569 1979
If It Ain't Love, It'll Go Away / I'm So Happy  Atlantic 3587 1979
Album 'Devastation'
1. Body Shop
2. The Show Must Go On
3. This Is Our Song
4. I Can't Get Used To Sleepin' By Myself
5. You're Gonna Come Back To Me
6. I Taught Her Everything She Knows
7. She Was My Lady
Produced by Phillip Mitchell
Recorded at Muscle Shoals Studios Ichiban 1004
You're Gonna Come Back To Love / In Her Own Way Ichiban 1111 1991
Album 'Loner'
1. While The Cat's Away
2. Starting From Scratch
3. Come To Bed
4. Can't Nobody Love You Better Than Me
5. Never Let Her Down
6. Nothing Hurts Like Love
7. You Did What You Had To Do
8. Loner
9. She's A Party Animal
Recorded at Muscle Shoals, Atlanta's Kala Studio & Audiovisions in Phillip's native Louisville Ichiban 1110 1991
I'll See You In Hell First / (unissued at time-later on 'Safe Soul CD 1980) Event 1975
Once I've Been There / on Norman Conners 'Romantic Journey' Ray Barretto  Buddah 1977
Destination Moon / on Norman Conners 'Romantic Journey' Ray Barretto  Buddah 1977
For You Everything / On Norman Connors Album
featuring Phillip Mitchell & Eleanore Mills
Buddah 1977
What Part Of Heaven Do You Come From / On Ray Barretto's Album 'Can You Feel It' Atlantic SD - 19198 1978
Fancy This with Millie Jackson Spring 1980