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  THE LOST LADIES OF SOUL MUSIC                           
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Lea Roberts was born Leatha Roberta Hicks in Dayton, Ohio on 15 April, 1946.
Interview with Lea can be found in the magazine
'In The Basement'.  Issue 37

Prove It/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Minit 32069 1969
Love On My Mind/Stay With Me Minit 32095 1970
Don't Let Me Fall In Love Alone/Fifty-Fifty United Artists 50733 1970
Can't Get Enough Of You/You And I United Artists 50785  1971
Hold Me, Thrill Me, KissMe/ Mr Preacher Man United Artists 50796 1972
I Understand/It's Love That Makes A Woman Do Right United Artists 159  1973
If You Don't Want My Love Give It Back/Coming Back Home United Artists 223  1973
Excuse Me/Maybe I Don't Show It United Artists 288 1973
I Know/Ivory United Artists 358  1973
Find A Place/Let It Shine United Artists 429  1974
Laughter In The Rain/She Will Break Your Heart United Artists 539  1974
All Right Now/All Over Again United Artists 626  1975
Loving You Gets Better With Time/All Over Again United Artists 667 1975
LEA ROBERTS - EXCUSE ME I WANT TO TALK TO YOU        United Artists 088 1973
1. Give It Back
2. Excuse Me
3. Coming Back Home
5. Find A Place
6. Maybe I Don't Show It
7. I'm Losing My Mind
8. I Know
9. Ivory
10. I Take My Fire With Me
11. Let it Shine
LEA ROBERTS - LADY LEA             United Artists  1974
1.All Right Now
2. Laughter In The Rain
3. All Over Again
4. Lost In Your Love
5. I'm Going Left
6. Loving You Gets Better With Time
7. Don't Let It Mess Your Mind
8. She Will Break Your Heart
9. You're Gonna Need A Man
10. Chained To This Memory
Arranged by Reggie Lucas & Mtume, with one track arr. by Hubert Eaves
String arrangements by Jimmie Haskell or Gene Page
LEA ROBERTS - MY SILENT PLACE     Skies Unlimited Records Inc. 1982  
1. My Silent Place
2. Free
3. Together
4. Love Can Break You
5. Another Lonely Night
6. You Can Never Forget
7. I Won't Fall In Love
8. In Days Gone By
learevbackarrow1.jpg (65500 bytes)
Reverend Robert J.Lucas and his Christian Temple Choir - The King And I(Minit Gospel 1969)
Click on back cover to enlarge - Lea is arrowed
Thanks To Fredrik Lind for the scans

Margie Alexande was born Marjorie Lucille Alexander in Temple, Georgia on 11 October, 1948   was born Marjorie Lucille Alexander in 948
Interview with Margie can be found in the magazine
'In The Basement'.  Issue 19

Can I Be Your Main Thing/ It Can't Last Forever Atlantic 2828 1971
Keep On Searching/Love Slave Future Stars 102 1974
It's Worth A Whippin'/Take My Body Chi-Sound 849 1976
Gotta get A Hold On Me/What'cha Trying To Do To Me Chi-Sound 1003  1977
Looking Back/Blue Vibrations Star Town 005 1984
Looking Back/Blue Vibrations Goldwax

Annette was born  in Miami, Florida. She died on 4.April 1977 in a plane crash.
Taken from
Paul Kelly Inteview ....Annetta had a single release on Love Hill (and, subsequently, Juggy) called 'Since There Is No More Of You'. Written by Paul Kelly, recorded on a trip by the lady to New York and featuring his additional vocal support, 'Annetta' is better known as Annette Snell. Paul took a little time out to talk about the lady, whose career was tragically curtailed by a fatal plane crash in Georgia on April 4, 1977 but not before she had recorded a number of his songs for Buddy Killen and Dial in the earlier part of the seventies, most notably the #19 'Billboard' r&b hit, 'You Oughta Be Here With Me'... 'I met Annette Snell about 1960 with Waymon Walker. He used to go with a little girl in Opa-locka whose name was Mattie [Lovett]. And we dealt with Mattie and they had a group - the Mar-Vells, that was they name of the group. It was a good group. They moved to the city and we started putting songs together for them. I used to give them Marvelettes songs to sing live and Annette Snell was part of that group. She was super. Loretta [Letlo] used to do all the lead singing. We didn't know at the time that Annette was so good. The group were all good.'The Mar-Vells would do a lot of session work in Miami in the early sixties, before going on to record in their own right for Sound Stage 7 and Monument as the Fabulettes in 1967/68. They split when Annette opted to go solo and, specifically discussing 'Since There Is No More Of You', Paul said, 'I didn't duet, I do the background. If you call it a duet, in that case it's a 'triple-et', because there's Juanita there too. She used to be on all my songs in the seventies.' He added, 'Annette's death was a tragedy. There is stuff we recorded on her that has never been released. Buddy Killen may still have the tracks.' 

Since There Is No More You / Get Away Boy Juggy 404 1970
Iíll Be Your Fool Once More / Footprints On My Mind Dial 1019 1972
Iíll Be Your Fool Once More / ?  Dial 1022 1972
You Oughta Be Here With Me / Footprints On My Mind Dial 1023 1972
Get Your Thing Together / Iíll Be Your Fool Once More Dial 1024  1974
Just As Hooked As I've Ever Been / Love Connection Dial 1028 1974
It's All Over Now/Promised Should Never Be Broken Epic

Lorraine Johnson was born in Huntsville, Alabama on 26 January, 1949.
Interview with Lorraine can be found in the magazine
'In The Basement'.  Issue 33

Can I Hold You To It/If You Want Me To Be More Of A Woman Atlantic 2967 1973
Let's Make Our New Love Something Special/Let Me Be Your Full Time Groover(Bill Brandon) Moonsong 001 1973
The More I Get, The More I Want/Just For The Moment Prelude 71096 1977
If You Leave Me Now/Next Time I Cry Prelude 71100  1978
Feed The Flame/Who Do You Think You're Fooling Prelude 71113 1978
LORRAINE JOHNSON - The More You Want          Prelude 12148  1977
1.  More I Get, The More I Want
2.  Let Your Love Fall Like Rain
3. If You Leave Me Now
4.   Save Me Your Love
5.  Just For The Moment
6.  Next Time I Cry
7.  If You Don't Love Her (When You Gonna Leave Her)
8.  My Sweet Baby
9.  I'm Learning to Dance All over Again
10.  Nobody's Wrong
11.  Feed the Flame
12.  Who Do You Think You're Fooling
LORRAINE JOHNSON - Learning To Dance All Over Again  Prelude 12161  1978