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The Intruders were the first group to score hits with the songwriting/production team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, and they  played a major role in the rise of Philadelphia soul, but are forgotten behind better-known acts like the O'Jays or Harold Melvin the Blue Notes. The guys were originally formed as a doo wop group in 1960, and sang around Philadelphia for several years. Lead singer Sam "Little Sonny" Brown, Eugene "Bird" Daughtry, Phil Terry, and Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards signed with Gamble and Huff's fledgling Gamble label in 1966. 
They recorded 3 albums and a host of excellent singles..and the success convinced Columbia to front the money for Gamble & Huff to launch what was to be the most successful Soul label in the early 70's..Philadelphia International.
When they recorded the album 'When We Get Married, lead singer "Little Sonny" Brown had been replaced by nightclub singer Bobby Starr (born Robert Ferguson). The title track was a hit on the soul charts, as was the follow-up '(Win, Place or Show) She's a Winner.'   Starr's stay with the group was short-lived;  "Little Sonny" Brown returned for the 1973 album  'Save the Children.' For the 1974 follow-up Energy of Love, the Intruders were switched from Phil. Int. to the subsidiary label TSOP; however, it was less successful than the group's previous releases, and they disbanded in 1975. 
Eugene Daughtry formed a new lineup in 1984 (without any other original members); they recorded an album titled Who Do You Love? for the UK company Streetwave before disbanding once again. Daughtry passed away in 1994 after a bout with cancer, while Brown unfortunately committed suicide following years of drug and alcohol problems. 

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Coming Home Soon / I'm Sold On You Gowen 1401 / Lost Nite 195 1962
This Is My Son / My Baby (as Four Intruders) Gowen 1404 1962
Goodnight / Sweet Girl * King Tut 179(unreleased Gowen recording) 1979 *
The above are in the doo.wop style..other tracks done by the group...     
I'm Calling  -  Let's Try It Again      
I've Got Love For You  & You're My One & Only Baby(recorded for........ Ben-Lee   
But You Belong To Me / Jack Be Nimble Music Voice 504 1964
Gonna Be Strong / All The Time  Excel 101 1966
          Intruders                                         Early Excel Single                      Early Promo Photo                 Rare Cover..thanks Greg Burgess
SINGLES - The Gamble Years
United / Up And Down The Ladder Gamble 201 1966 
A Book For The Broken Hearted / Devil With An Angel's Smile Gamble 203 1966 
It Must Be Love / Check Yourself Gamble 204 1967
Together / Up And Down The Ladder Gamble 205 1967 
A Love That's Real / Baby I'm Lonely Gamble 209 1967  
Cowboys To Girls / Turn The Hands Of Time Gamble 214 1968
Love Is Like A Baseball Game / Friends No More Gamble 217 1968
Slow Drag / So Glad I'm Yours Gamble 221 1968 
Give Her A Transplant / Girls Girls Girls Gamble 223 1969 
Me Tarzan You Jane / Favorite Candidate Gamble 225 1969
Lollipop (I Like You) / Don't Give It Away Gamble 231 1969 
Let's Go Downtown / Sad Girl Gamble 235 1969 
Old Love / Everyday Is A Holiday Gamble 240 1969
Tenderly As The Love We Knew / By The Time I Get To Phoenix Gamble 4001 1970 
Doctor Doctor / When We Get Married Gamble 4004 1970 
This Is My Love / Let Me In Your Mind Gamble 4007 1970 
I'm Girl Scoutin' / Wonder What Kind Of Bag She's In Gamble 4009 1971
Best Days Of My Life / Pray For Me Gamble 4014 1971
I Bet He Don't Love You / Do You Remember Yesterday Gamble 4016 1971
She's A Winner/Memories Are Here To Stay Gamble 4019 1972
She's A Winner/Memories Are Here To Stay Gamble  2501 1972 
I Always Love My Mama Part 1 / Part 2 Gamble 2506 1973 
I Wanna Know Your Name / Hang On In There Gamble 2508 1973 
I Wanna Know Your Name / I'll Always Love My Mama Gamble 2571 1974
A Nice Girl Like You/ To Be Happy Is The Real Thing TSOP 4758 1974 
Rainy Days And Mondays / Be On Time TSOP 4766 1975
Energy Of Love / Plain Ol' Fashioned Girl TSOP 4771 1975
Iíll Always Love My Mama / Iíll Always Love My Mama (Long Version) Philadelphia International 3624 1977
Iíll Always Love My Mama / Save The Children Philadelphia International 3689 1979
Who Do You Love /  Kahn 34 1984
          *** Thanks to Dave Rimmer for his help with the above Discography ***
THE INTRUDERS ARE TOGETHER                  Gamble      1967

1.  Together
2.  A Devil With An Angel's Smile
3.  (You' d Better ) Check Yourself
4.  A Love That' s Real
5.  It Must Be Love
6.  Baby I' m So Lonely
7.  United
8.  Gonna Be Strong
9.  But You Belong To Me
10.Good For Me Girl
11.A Book For The Brokenhearted
12.Up And Down The Ladder
COWBOYS TO GIRLS                  Gamble    1968

1.  Cowboys to Girls
2.  Turn The Hands Of Time
3.  So Glad I'm Yours
4.  It Must Be Love
5.  Call Me
6.  Sad Girl
7.  (Love Is Like A) Baseball Gam
8.  Friends No More
9.  By the Time I Get To Phoenix
10.Everyday Is A Holiday
11.Good For Me Girl 
WHEN WE GET MARRIED              Gamble      1970

1.  When We Get Married
2.  Best Days of My Life
3.  One In A Million
4.  Hocus Pocus
5.  Guess Who Loves You
6.  Wonder What Kind Of Bag She's In
7.  This Is My Love Song
8.  Let Me In Your Mind
9.  Tender (Was The Love We Knew)
10.I Didn't Know
11.Brand New Me
SAVE THE CHILDREN         Philadelphia International   1973

1.  Save the Children (Scott-Heron) 
2.  Mother and Child Reunion (Simon) 
3.  I Wanna Know Your Name (Gamble, Huff) 
4.  To Be Happy Is the Real Thing (Gamble, Huff) 
5.  I'll Always Love My Mama (Carstarphen, Gamble, Huff, Whitehead)
6.  Memories Are Here to Stay (Conway, Life) 
7.  Teardrops (Calhoun, Charles)
8.  Hang On In There (Gamble, Huff) 


1.  Energy Of Love 
2.  Rainy Days And Mondays 
3.  A Nice Girl Like You 
4.  Jan 
5.  Be Thankful For What Youve Got
6.  Whats Easy For Two Is So Hard For One 
7.  Lonely Lonely 
8.  Everyones A Star 
9.  Plain Ol Fashioned Girl 
10.Be On Time