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Hodges, James & Smith were originally known as Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford (former Motown artist Carolyn(Caroline)Crawford).They later became a trio..Pat Hodges, Denita James & Jessica Smith... all originating from Los Angeles. Denita James had a solo single on Flip around '63 and Pat Hodges had a solo release Keymen around '66. The group was the brainchild of William "Micky" Stevenson and they were intended to rival The Supremes which is hard to believe because H, J & S's sound was more aggressive and a lot more Soul/R&B oriented. Their first single was 'Nobody' on the Mpingo Label(previously a hit for Kim Weston on MGM). They updated it later for one of their 20th Century albums in the 70s. So there are two versions released by them.

Pat, Denita & Jessica Jessica, Denita & Pat.. London Records 1977 Pat, Denita & Jessica... in B & W still gorgeous
Nobody / I'm In Love  (HJS & Crawford) Mpingo 14000 1972
Let's Pick Up The Pieces / Write Me A Letter(HJS & Crawford) Mpingo 14003 1972
Somewhere A Valley / Ain't That Right People 1006*** 1973
I Should Say / Only Up 20th Century 2017 1973
Signal Your Intention / You Take My Love For Granted 20th Century 2045 1973
Lovin' Man / Lucky One 20th Century 2099 1974
Never Gonna Break It Up / Love Your Sexy Ways 20th Century 2148 1974
I Who Have Nothing / Monkey Shine 20th Century 2216 1975
Situation / People Needing People London 249 1977
Since I Fell For You / I'm Falling In Love London 256 1977
Don't Take Away Your Love / Love Baby London 260 1977
You Know Who You Are / Falling In Love London 267 1978
What Have You Done For Love / Hide-A-Way London 272 1979
Dancin' In The Street / Music Turns Me On London 274 1979
Not sure about James Brown owning the label. Mickey Stevenson was certainly involved with a People label as Kim Weston was on it too. I think though that JB's People productions had a different numbering system so there could have been two labels with the same name.
ALBUMS..any label scans or track listings would be greatly appreciated
Incredible - 20th Century 425, 

1.  Turn The People On
2.  I Should Stay
3.  Signal Your Intention
4.  Medley:Rock Me Baby & Steamroller
5.  Oh
6.  Little By Little
7.  If You Wanna Love Me
8.  Can't be Alone
9.  You Take My Love For Granted
10.Love Was Just A Word 
Power In Your Love - 20th Century 475, 1975

1.  Nobody
2.  Power In Your Love
3.  Momma
4.  Monkey shine
5.  He Did Me Wrong But he Did Me Right
6.  I Who Have Nothing
7.  Sexy Ways
8.  Rusty Old Halo
9.  West Virginia Symphony
  What's On Your Mind - London 685, 

1.  Don't Take Away Your Love
2.  Situation
3.  Love Baby
4.  People Needing People
5.  Feelings
6.  What's On Your Mind
7.  Since I Fell For You-I'm Falling in Love
8.  Off 
What Have You Done For Love - London 713, 1978

1.  What Have You Done For Love
2.  The San Francisco Rag(Everytime)
3.  You Can't Hide Love
4.  Falling In Love
5.  Hide-A-Way
6.  You Know Who You Are
7.  That's The Way
8.  Here Is Where Your Love Belongs
9.  Seems So Long
10.Darling I Promise

To the members of the SD Forum & The Rudy Calvo Collection for scans and info.
 Still Doing The Business Pat Hodges Carolyn Crawford