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Now here's a group that should have gone on to greater things.. as good as any of the type in the 70's sea of Philly.Formed 1968 in Philadelphia..the members were Frank Washington, Kenny Crew, James King, John King and Harry McGilberry. They released their first single on Amjo Records in 1970, 'Breaking Up' b/w 'Our Thing.' Richard Wright (deceased) sang lead on the Amjo side, along with other members, that with one or two exceptions, differed from the previously mentioned names. Avalanche Records reissued the Amjo single the following year.The next single 'Love Is Here,' appeared on the Gamble label.

Gamble Records ended up by signing with Buddah Records, a poor career move for the group when thus missing a golden opportunity to join Philadelphia International Records. Their first Buddah release '(That's) The Way Of A Woman In Love' b/w 'Grade A Woman,' was released in January 1974. The second single was 'No One Could Compare' b/w 'You Better Be Careful'. Bad label support meant they had little success with the records. The third single 'Castles' emerging in June 1975 also did very little. An album 'Castles' In The Sky' followed which didn't include the first two singles. It bombed as well.

Their final Buddah single 'We Got Each Other,' was written by Barbara Mason..prompting a poorly promoted tour. They reunited with Gamble & Huff in 1978 at Philadelphia International Records, but the company's glory days were over. The first release 'Part Time Party Time Man,' was their most successful single. Its successor 'Ain't No Time For Nothing,' was succeeded by three more singles including 'Mr. Bojangles.' Philadelphia International released two albums by the 'Past, Present & The Futures', and 'The Greetings Of Peace'. Warped Records issued the final recordings in 1982: 'Let's Get To It'/'Young & Tender,' and 'Angel In Disguise'/'Betcha Come Back'.

Henry McGilberry joined the Temptations in 1996 replacing Ray Davies who replaced Melvin Franklin. Frank Washington is now fronting The Detroit Spinners. Part of the above was taken from the AMG page... many thanks.. rest is mine.. also thanks... Click on photo to see the Futures on Soul Train.

Breaking Up / Our Thing Amjo 1970
Love Is Here / Stay With Me Gamble 2502
(That's) The Way Of A Woman In Love / Grade A Woman Buddah 1974
No One Could Compare / You Better Be Careful Buddah 1974
Castles/ Buddah 1975
We Got Each Other / Make It Last (with Barbara Mason) Buddah
Party Time Man / Same PIR 3661 1978
Ain't No Time For Nothing PIR 3674 1978
Mr. Bojangles PIR 02052  
Silhouettes/ PIR 3119  
In Answer To Your Question PIR 3747  
Let's Get To It / Young & Tender Warped 1982
Angel In Disguise / Betcha Come Back Warped 1982
CASTLES IN THE SKY Buddah 4031 1975 1. Castles
2. (Love Lives On A) Windy Hill
3. Don't Close The Book
4. Super Love
5. I Had A Dream
6. Every Man Is God (But God Is The King)
7. Do Unto Others
8. Love Will Be Around Forever
9. Ninety Days (In The House Of Correction)
PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURES PIR JZ 35458 1978 1. Party Time Man
2. Ain't No Time Fa Nothing
3. Deep Inside of Me
4. Sunshine and You
5. Come to Me
6. You Got It (The Love That I Need) (
7. (You're the One) Someone Special
8. I Wanna Know; Is It Over?
THE GREETINGS OF PEACE PIR JZ 36414 1981 1. Victory
2. I'm So Proud of You Woman
3. Peace
4. Why Must It End?
5. Silhouettes
6. We're Gonna Make It Somehow
7. Mr. Bojangles
8. Feels Just Like the First Time