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This Tampa trio featuring Brenda Hillard, Albert Bailey, and Zulema Cusseaux(ex-Lovells from the 60's) began recording for Maxwell in 1970, produced by Van McCoy. 'So Much Love' reached 14 on the R&B charts for Maxwell. Zulema left the group after the "Heavy Love" album, some sources say 1971 but it may have been in '72. Her first solo album was issued on Sussex while the label was still issuing FHC singles which had been recorded before she left. Brenda Hilliard and Albert Bailey continued as a duo, Brenda and Albert, with one release on a short-lived Sussex subsidiary label Clarama 1200 (1974) 'Talking About Loving You / This Has Happened Before'.

The group then reformed with Diane Destry in place of Zulema and signed to RCA as part of a production deal that Van McCoy had with the label.'To Each His Own' hit the charts in 1975. The group had one last hit, "Don't Pity Me" in 1978, which was an R&B Top 20 release. Zulema occasionally helped out on background vocals with the reformed group but only in the studio - she was not a member.

In 1972, with the Sussex label and using only her unique first name, she cut the LP Zulema in 1972, followed in 1973 by a second album, Mrs. Z. She also had a # 91 R&B single for Sussex that year with Telling The World Good-Bye (Try To Find Yourself) b/w Tree. However, her albums at RCA were well received, beginning with the 1975 soundtrack LP Honey Baby, Honey Baby in conjunction with The Friends Of Distinction and jazz pianist Weldon Irvine. That was followed that year by R S V P, and in 1976 with the LP Suddenly There Was You. By 1978 she had moved over to the small LeJoint label where she cut the album Z-Licious and the hit single Change [# 46 R&B], followed in 1979 by I'm Not Dreaming, billed to Zulema and Friend - the friend being the song's writer and producer Van McCoy. It went to #76 R&B and was her final charter, meaning that, except for her brief stint in 1970 with Faith, Hope & Charity, she never did grace the pop charts.

So Much Love / Let's Try It Over Maxwell 805 1970
Baby Don't Take Your Love / Make Love To Me Maxwell 808 1970
No Trespassing / Ghosts Keep Haunting Me Sussex 224 1971
Come Back & Finish What You Started / I Worship The Very Ground You Walk On Sussex 231 1971
God Bless The World / We Can Change The World Sussex 231 1972
I Was There / Who Could Love You More Than Sussex 243 1972
Heavy Love / Who Made You Go Sussex 252 1972
To Each His Own / Find A Way RCA 2599 1975
Just One Look / Disco Dan RCA 2632 1975
A Time For Celebration(With Choice Four) RCA 2715 1976
Your're My Piece Of Mind/Rescue Me RCA 2739 1976
Don't Go Looking For Love RCA 10542 1975
Life Goes On/You've Gotta Tell Her RCA 1 0865 1976
Disco Dan / Don't Go Looking For Love RCA-Victor PB-10542 1976
Battle Of The Sexes / Same Weayz480  
Growing Pains WEA 903172415  
Don't Pity Me / Find What You Need 20TH Century 6162 1978
How Can I Help But Love You / Keep Me Baby 20TH Century 2391  
  FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY Maxwell 88002 1970 1. So Much Love
2. Something
3. Wings of Love
4. Let's Try It Over
5. Baby Don't Take Your Love
6. I'm Gonna Love You
7. That Lovin' Feeling
8. Make Love To Me
9. Johnny Come Lately
SINGS HEAVY LOVE Sussex SXBS 70191972 1. We Can Change The World
2. Heavy Love
3. I Was There
4. Come Back And Finish What You Started
5. I Worship The Very Ground You Walk On
6. Who Could Love You More
7. No Trespassing
8. God Bless The World
9. Who Made You Go
FAITH HOPE & CHARITY RCA Victor 1100 1975? 1. Let's Go To The Disco
2. Just One Look
3. Find A Way
4. Don't Go Looking For Love
5. Mellow Me
6. Disco Dan
7. Rescue Me
8. Little Bit Of Love
9. To Each His Own
LIFE GOES ON RCA 1827 1976
1. Life Goes On
2. Gradually
3. I Want A Man
4. Positive Thinking
5. You're My Peace Of Mind
6. Cherish
7. Monday Monday
8. You've Gotta Tell Her
9. Just Wanted To Say I LOve Her
10. A Time For Celebration
  DON'T PITY ME 20th Century 1977  
FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY 20th Century Fox 1978 1. How Can I Help But Love You
2. People In Love Oughta Be Together
3. I'm Ready For A New Love
4. Keep Me Baby
5. Find What You Need
6. Don't Pity me
7. You Never Were My Friend
Thanks to the members of the SD Forum for some of the above info