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Angel (You're My Sunshine)
Love Me Down / Instr Magic City VR 4507 1989
Shake 1991
Do it now Crown Int
Love C.O.D 12"
David Sea Magic City 1986
  An Ocean Apart
1. Love Me Down
2. I'll Only Be Here One Night
3. I'm In The Mood
4. I Really Wanna See You Tonight
5. Stay With Me
6. Lover Take Me Out
7. Be With Me
8. Deep In My Heart
Magic City 1990
  Born To Sing Magic City 1991
The Bed Of The Sea

1. All I Need Is You
2. I'll Only Be Here One Night
3. I'm In The Mood
4. Love Me Down
5. Stay With Me Girl
6. I Really Wanna See You Tonight
7. I Let You Let Me Down Again
8. I Wish It Would Rain
9. Deep In My Heart
10. Be With Me Tonight
11. Lover Take Me Out
12. Something About You
13. The Look Of Love
14. Love C.O.D.
15. Father To Son
Magic City
A compilation of tracks from 'An Ocean Apart' and 'Born To Sing'
Searchin' For Love

1. My Baby (Johnson/Maye)
2. Love on My Mind (Johnson/Maye)
3. I'm Still in Love With You (Green/Jackson/Mitchell)
4. Forever (Johnson/Maye)
5. End of the Storm (Johnson/Maye)
6. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to... (Banks/Hampton/Jackson)
7. Broken Heart Again (Johnson/Maye)
8. A Friend of Mine (Johnson/Maye)
9. Your Touch (Camon/Johnson)
10. Searchin' (For Love) (Johnson/Maye)
11. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy (Camon/Johnson)
12. Distant Lover (Fuqua/Gaye/Green)
Magic City 1995
Groove Mission

1. Back in Love Again
2. Statue of a Fool
3. Your Sweet Love
4. Nothing in Life Comes Easy
5. Somebody Loves You
6. On My Mind
7. Taking My Time (To Do It Right)
8. Back in the Day
9. I Wanna Say Thank You
10. Cherish One Another
11. Groove Mission
JVC Records 1996
I'll Carry You (Duet with David Sea)   2000
Live At Casino San Pablo

1. Standing on the Top (Johnson)
2. Psychedelic Shack (Strong/Whitfield)
3. Cloud Nine (Strong/Whitfield)
4. Can't Get Next To You (Strong/Whitfield)
5. Ball of Confusion (That's What the World... (Strong/Whitfield)
6. Rainy Night In Georgia (White)
7. Naturally (Titus)
8. Get Ready (Robinson) -
9. Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Holland Jr./Whitfield)
10. Lady Soul (Holden)
11. Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Strong/Whitfield)
12. Don't Look Back (Robinson/White)
13. Song for You (Russell)
14. Why You Wanna Make Me Blue (Strong/Whitfield)
15. I Wish It Would Rain (Strong/Whitfield)
16. The Way You Do the Things You Do (Robinson/Rogers)
17. Try to Remember (Jones/Schmidt)
18. My Girl (Robinson/White)
19. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Strong/Whitfield)