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Stax       Records

Stax 0008 : Give 'EmLove / Move Over
Stax 0018 : I'll Understand / Doin' Our Thang
Stax 0030 : Tighten Up My Thang / Take Up The Slack
Stax 0050 : The Sweeter He Is Pt. I / Pt. II
Stax 0062 : Hold On, I'm Coming / Make It Good
Stax 0075 : Put your World in My World / Finish Me Off
Stax 0086 : Let's Make A Sweet Thing Sweeter / Finish Me Off
Stax 0102 : Gonna Get Away From It All / Ridin' On Love Merry-Go-Round
Stax 0119 : Hearsay / Don't Take my Sunshine
Stax 0132 : Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness / Just The One I've Been 
                 Looking For
Stax 0152 : It Ain't Always What You Do / All That Shines Ain't Gold
Stax 0170 : Love Is A Hurtin' Thing / Poem On The School House Door
Stax 0182 : I'll Be The Other Woman / Comeback Kind Of Love
Stax 0218 : Love Makes It Right Pt. I / Pt. II
Stax 0230 : What's Happening Baby Pt. I / Pt. II
Stax 3206 : Can't Give Up A Good Thing / Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Stax 3214 : Who You Used To Be / Believing

Give 'em Love, I'll Understand, Tighten Up My Thang, 
The Sweeter He Is; Hold On, I'm Coming; Hearsay, Don't 
Take My Kindness for Weakness, It Ain't Always What You 
Do (It's Who You Let See You Do It), Love Is a Hurtin' Thing, 
I'll Be the Other Woman, Love Makes It Right, Can't Give 
Up a Good Thing

John "Blackfoot" Colbert, Anita Lewis, Shelbra Bennett, 
Norman West
Recorded between 1968 & 1974.

Best of Two Worlds
I'll Understand, Move Over, When Tomorrow Comes, 
The Sweeter He Is (Parts 1 & 2), Tighten Up My Thang, 
Give 'Em Love, Doin' Our Thang, Take Up the Slack, 
Super Soul, My Baby Specializes, Bring It Here, Thanks 
for a Precious Nothing, Put Your World in My World, 
Give Me One Good Reason Why, Got to Get Away from 
It All, The Hang Ups of Holding On (Parts 1 & 2), 
Wrap It Up Tonight, Let's Make a Sweet Thing Sweeter, 
Finish Me Off, Don't Break Away

J. Blackfoot, Norman West, Anita Louis, Shelbra Bennett 
with Booker T. Jones, Isaac Hayes, Steve Cropper, Donald 
"Duck" Dunn, Al Jackson, Jr., Barry Beckett, Jimmy Johnson, 
Wayne Perkins, David Hood, Roger Hawkins, and others.

Hold On, I'm Coming
Hold On, I'm Coming; Make It Good, Ridin' on Love's 
Merry-Go-Round, Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness, 
It Ain't Always What You Do (It's Who You Let See You Do It), 
All That Shines Ain't Gold, Love Is a Hurtin' Thing, Come 
Back Kind of Love, Can't Give Up a Good Thing; Signed, 
Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours; Summer in the Shade, Hard 
Living with a Man, I Don't Know What the World Is Coming 
To, Hearsay

John "Blackfoot" Colbert, Anita Lewis, Shelbra Bennett, 
Norman West


I Want to Be Loved, Don't Take My Sunshine, Hearsay, 
All That Shines Ain't Gold, It Hurts Me to My Heart, 
I'm Loving You More Everyday, Just the One (I've Been 
Looking For), Never Get Enough of Your Love, All Day 
Preachin', Get Up About Yourself, I'll Be the Other 
Woman, What's Happening Baby, Can't Let You Go, 
It's Out of My Hands, Just One Moment, We're Gettin' 
Too Close, Love Makes It Right

J. Blackfoot, Norman West, Anita Louis, Shelbra Bennett

Finders Keepers
1 Highway 
2 Goodbye Is Not The Only W 
3 Ww Got To Get Our Thing Together 
4 If You Move I'll Fall 
5 A Little Misunderstanding 
6 Midnight Sunshine 
7 Finders Keepers 
8 I'm Just A Shoulder To Cry On
9 One Broken Home For Sale 

John "Blackfoot" Colbert, Shelbra Bennett, 
Norman West
Recorded 1976

Where Is Your Woman Tonight
Epic PE 34455

John "Blackfoot" Colbert, Shelbra Bennett, 
Norman West
Recorded 1977